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So much easier than using glue and didn’t take long to get used to. I wore the long think twice and after about 5 mins didn’t even register them on until I took them off about 10 hours later. Love them and will be getting more.

Valerie Hall

I love that there is a Style for everyone !!!
Nice & Natural or Super Glam, but what ever style you choose you will not be disappointed.

Emily Danvers

The eyeliner and lashes went on SUPER easy, love the style 'sweet heart' - cant wait to try more styles!


In love with the new magnetic lashes and liner
Have previously tried cheap similar product where the lashes didn’t stick to the liner at all, these 100% do the job. So happy
Will be recommending to everyone


I find the magnetic eyelashes so easy to use and give such a glamours look! I love “think twice”.


OMG… THESE ARE AMAZING I am so blind and apply these so easy (Magnified Mirror Needed) I AM IN LOVE WITH MY LASHES … Perfect look every time

Leonie Thomas

I’ve got the Dasha lashes and as someone with very sensitive eyes I found this great, easy and very simple to use. I’m the clumsy queen!

Sara Zangana

Holy Moley! The most amazing transformation of the eyes “SHORTIE” full thickness and creates a beautiful deep intense colour around the eye to bring out the natural colour of the eye. Wow I love love love them.